Credit cards of interest in the US ?

There are several credit cards in the United States that are popular and offer various benefits and rewards.

Here are a few credit cards of interest.

credit cards of interest

체이스 사파이어 선호® 카드

This card is known for its travel rewards and flexibility. It offers a generous sign-up bonus, earns points on travel and dining, and lets you transfer points to numerous airline and hotel loyalty programs.

chase sapphire preferred

아메리칸 익스프레스 플래티넘 카드

This premium card provides a range of travel benefits, including access to airport lounges, airline fee credits, and hotel status upgrades. It also offers rewards points that can be redeemed for travel, gift cards, or merchandise.

American Express Platinum Card

씨티 더블 캐시 카드

This card is popular for its simple and straightforward cashback rewards program. It offers 2% cash back on all purchases—1% when you make a purchase and an additional 1% when you pay off your balance.

Citi Double Cash Card

캐쉬백을 발견하십시오

This card is known for its rotating cashback categories, offering 5% cash back on different categories each quarter (such as gas stations, grocery stores, or restaurants). It also provides a Cashback Match, doubling the cash back earned during the first year.

Discover it Cash Back

Capital One Venture Rewards 신용 카드

This card is designed for travel enthusiasts. It offers a flat rate of rewards on all purchases, and the earned miles can be used to offset travel expenses. It also provides travel benefits and does not charge foreign transaction fees.

Capital One Venture Rewards Credit Card

뱅크 오브 아메리카® 현금 리워드 신용 카드

This card offers cash back in various categories, such as 3% cash back on a category of your choice (gas, online shopping, dining, travel, drugstores, or home improvement/furnishings) and 2% cash back at grocery stores and wholesale clubs.

Bank of America® Cash Rewards Credit Card

These are just a few examples, and there are many other credit cards available in the US market. When choosing a credit card, consider your spending habits, lifestyle, and the rewards or benefits that align with your needs. It’s also important to review the terms and conditions, annual fees, interest rates, and any potential restrictions before applying for a credit card.